Allura Pro-Sales

Allura Pro-Sales manages the development of dedicated and fractional sales teams with a network of tested professionals with years of experience. Allura Pro-Sales has experience with everything from rep recruitment for organizations to building out entire outsourced salesforces.

Allura Pro-Sales was originally founded as ProPharma Sales in 2013 by a group of Pharmaceutical and CPG Executives. Allura Pro-Sales has continued to successfully exceed expectations in the development of go-to-market strategies for many companies in the pharmaceutical, OTC Healthcare and CPG space. We have been able to expand our strategic model to reach numerous professionals, influencers and consumers to drive trial and purchase.

Diverse Experience

Contract Sales Teams

Allura Pro-Sales creates teams to fully manage the sales process for pharma, cpg, medical device and other categories. We take the hassle and expense out of creating an inhouse team.

Product Distribution Planning

Allura Pro-Sales helps companies create a manage distribution strategies to ensure there product is near enough to their sales channels that they can be quickly and affordably sent out to retailers or distributors.

HR Consulting

Allura Pro-Sales can help you setup in house teams and recruit the talent needed to staff them out. Having recruited thousands of people in sales, operations, compliance and more we have great eye for top talent.

Sales Strategy Development

We have deep experience in professional sales in almost every category in healthcare. We are actively selling prescriptive and OTC Drugs, medical devices, foods & CPG products for some of the most recognized brands in the world.