Allura Capital helped provide Mount Orab with growth financing before acquiring it in 2020 to continue to scale and integrate new divisions including trucking, compliance and other key areas of the forestry industry.

Client: Empire Logging & Forestry

Category: Growth Capital, M&A

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In an increasingly competitive timber market, Mount Orab faced challenges due to the shrinking margins that the industry was experiencing globally, brought on by the implementation of specialized equipment. With years of experience in the forestry industry, Mount Orab Logging needed a capital partner to help them scale their operations through the acquisition of the type of equipment required to remain competitive.

They sought out the support of Allura Capital, which began financing heavy equipment for Mount Orab Logging in 2019. Allura ultimately acquired the company in 2020 and rebranded it as Empire Forestry. Allura and the Empire team continue to fuel growth through mergers and acquisitions, aiming to create a vertically integrated forestry company.

Financed Heavy Equipment Increasing Profitability
Modernizing Internal and Field Operations
Formed Empire Trucking & Logistics in 2021
Acquired Wide Open Road Compliance in 2023

Empire Logging & Forestry stands as one of Allura Global’s greatest success stories. The Empire and Allura teams consistently enhance profitability by capitalizing on operational efficiencies and funding strategic investments to foster overall growth. Allura also assists Empire by introducing them to global strategic partners and facilitating company expansion through mergers and acquisitions.

Allura has supported every stage of Empire’s growth cycle. In addition to the capital services mentioned earlier, the Allura Media team has aided in rebranding the company and developing a corporate website. The Allura Global team has also collaborated with Empire’s business units to expand their service offerings and optimize their operational strategies.