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Allura Global DivisionsManaging the Full Business Lifecycle

Allura Capital partners with healthcare companies to directly raise capital or provide growth capital financing. 

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Funded start ups to the fortune 100 rely on Allura Elevate open new markets and scale globally. We are the future of pharma, device, med tech & CPG. Read more.

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Allura Pro-Sales manages the development of dedicated and fractional sales teams with a network of tested professionals with years of experience.

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We help companies build sales through marketing initiatives that create brand awareness, direct to consumer sales on brand and marketplace websites and drive interest from wholesale buyers.

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IndustriesAllura Global Has a Diverse Base of Category Experience

Medical Devices
Pet & Veterinary
OTC Drugs
Health Tech

Select Case Studies

Head and ShouldersBuilding Brand Loyalty with Younger Consumers

Sales Execution

  • ProPharmaSales created an influencer strategy to get to athletes via coaches and athletic directors.
  • 2014 –Piloted program in Texas & Florida.
  • ProPharmaSales Reps educated players on hygiene and the importance of a good dandruff shampoo and provided samples and coupons.

Client Benefits

  • Client experienced a 60% conversion rate vs. expected 7% (validated by third party).
  • Client expanded program to a national execution which educates and samples 100% of high school football players in the US (approx. 1.08 million).

MyClynsGlobal Product Commercialization

The Background

  • The principals of Allura Global managed the launch, approval, sales, marketing & distribution of the MyClyns First Response Personal Protection Spray. MyClyns was a cleared Class IIa Medical Device in the US and European Union & Canada used for the cleansing & debridement of pathogens from mucus membranes (Eyes, ears, nose & mouth). MyClyns was sold in over 22 countries in the police, fire, ems, corrections and military markets. The product was briefly sold and distributed nationwide via CVS pharmacy during the 2009 Swine Flu pandemic but was discontinued when the concerns of the swine flu waned.

Product Success

  • Core to our success with the MyClyns product portfolio relied on winning major first responder association & KOL endorsements and then focusing on field based proactive pathogen response training (see below). Global sales was efficiently managed by our executive staff, a dedicated national sales director, international sales director, marketing directors, field sales personnel and inside sales reps.  Ultimately the company and its product portfolio were acquired in the late 2000’s.

Medella SpringsCompanion Care Counseling

Allura Global continues to serve Medella Springs as its commercial partner to leverage our independent pharmacy & mail order pharmacy network to sell its specialty OTC product portfolio via Companion Care Counseling Program.

Improving Patient Care

  • Companion Care Counseling (CCC) is comprehensive, exclusive program that shows healthcare professionals how to maximize patient care by systematically focusing on the patient’s lifestyle, treatment regimens and the prescriptive and OTC products that help support them. CCC establishes the pharmacist as the patient’s healthcare advocate which naturally builds trust and lifelong relationships that cant be matched by a big box retail store.

Increased Store Traffic and Sales

  • Pharmacies that actively participate in the CCC program have shown significantly increased store traffic as well as sales and profits in the front and back of the store. Though MSH products are higher margin, non-prescription products that sell 6-12 times above the national average for front of store sales its important to note that the CCC program increases ALL product sales while strengthening the pharmacist-to-patient relationship.

Healthier Patients, Healthier Pharmacies

  • Companion Care Counseling program helps pharmacists (a) improve patient care and outcomes; (b) reduces patient risk; (c) improved customer traffic and margins; (d) capitalizes on best practices; and (e) takes advantage of what pharmacists do best – counsel patients. More importantly, independent pharmacists are able to recommend USH products for the health of their patients and pharmacies. Learn more at Medella

Get help raising capital, commercializing or marketing your product.


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