Global Commercial Scaling

Client: Union Springs Pharmaceuticals

Category: Commercialization

The principals of Allura Global managed the launch, approval, sales, marketing & distribution of the MyClyns First Response Personal Protection Spray. MyClyns was a cleared Class IIa Medical Device in the US and European Union & Canada used for the cleansing & debridement of pathogens from mucus membranes.

Manufacturing and Logistics
Regulatory Affairs
Sales Program
Company Acquisition Oversight

The team managing MyClyns worked to gain product clearance in 22 countries helping to pave the way for global distribution and sales. Core to the success of MyClyns was a product portfolio that relied on winning major first responder association & KOL endorsements and then focusing on field based proactive pathogen response training. Ultimately the company and its product portfolio were acquired in 2017 by a publicly traded healthcare comapny.