Allura Pro-Sales worked with Head and Sholders to build a salesforce, sampling & national product education program designed to engage younger consumers.

Client: Proctor & Gamble

Category: Contract Sales

With an aging user base Procter and Gamble led a major rebrand of Head and Shoulders on 2011 looking to help promote the household name to a younger demographic. A key part of the newly emerged brand was a partnership with major NFL talent and other athletes to transform a heritage brand into a shampoo for a new generation of buyers.

Working off of this rebrand and a number of survey Allura Pro-Sales worked Proctor & Gamble via the Head & Shoulders division to target high school football players due to increase prevalence of dandruff from wearing helmets. Allura Pro Sales created an influencer strategy to detail the product to athletes, coaches and athletic directors.

Product Education Team
Product Sampling
Survey Work and Data Analysis
How can our contract sales, education and sampling programs expand your market reach?

The program kicked off In Texas and Florida in 2014 and expanded to a national effort to educate players on hygiene and the importance of a good dandruff shampoo and provided samples and coupons. Allura expanded program to a national campaign in 2015 which included education and sampling before being shut down by the pandemic in 2020. The program would employee 60 seasonal product educators who would visit with high school athletic programs and educate athletes on the importance of scalp health.

The program had a huge impact on the target demographic with Head & Shoulders experiencing a 60% conversion rate with the program participants vs. expected 7% (validated by third party). While it was running the program directly reached nearly all High School football players in the United States during each fall season, impacting approximately 1.08 million potential customers.